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From the heart of Istanbul

We are a passionate team of personal care enthusiasts and dessert lovers, , constantly striving to deliver the best products to our customers. GalataFY was founded in the heart of Istanbul, the city that blends the essence of history with modernity, , inspiring us to offer products that combine authentic quality with a contemporary touch.

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Our Vision

At GalataFY, we believe that true beauty comes from within and shines outwardly. Therefore, we aim to provide products that enhance your natural beauty and offer you a pleasant and easy shopping experience. We strive to be your first destination for all your beauty and health needs, while also preserving traditional desserts with modern touches that cater to your refined taste.

Our Mision

Quality First: We prioritize selecting the finest natural ingredients to ensure high-quality, effective products. Product Variety: We offer a diverse range of hair and skincare products, as well as luxurious desserts,to meet all your needs. Customer Service: We strive to provide the best possible service, from the moment you choose a product until you receive it, to ensure your complete satisfaction with your experience with us.

Why GalataFY?

Exceptional Products: We carefully select the best products with unique formulations to ensure effectiveness and quality. Convenient and Secure Shopping: We provide you with an easy and secure online shopping experience, with the option of home delivery. Outstanding Service: Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you and provide the necessary support to ensure you have the best shopping experience.

Welcome to GalataFY, your favorite destination for luxury personal care products and traditional sweets. GalataFY was founded with the aim of providing a unique shopping experience that combines heritage and high quality, to meet your needs for care and beauty with natural and authentic ingredients, as well as to enjoy the most delicious sweets from the heart of Istanbul.

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